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Marine Construction Division

PAC COMM offers marine construction services using a combination of proven industry practices and advanced technologies. With over six decades of practical experience under our belt, we possess the expertise needed to handle even the most complex and time-sensitive marine construction projects, including major shoreline repairs and subaqueous placed concrete matt systems. From the shoreline to the ocean floor, PAC will provide effective solutions to your water-based construction needs.

Our diverse skill set enables us to safely, effectively and expeditiously design and implement any part of your marine construction project. From pile driving to boat ramp design to beach erosion solutions, PAC COMM has the equipment, manpower and professional knowledge to handle any task, large or small:

Marine Construction & Installation Services

Deep Foundation Construction: To establish platforms or building superstructures where projects are spacelimited, constrained by local policies, or in strata too unstable for traditional foundations.

Cofferdams: With its experience driving all types of sheet pile systems, PAC offers a full line of cofferdam and dewatering solutions. This includes construction of dams, cofferdams for building construction, temporary stabilization and shoring. PAC’s drilling and driving equipment includes water-based rigs and smaller mobile rigs. These units have been designed for working in both open water and narrow waterways.

Seawalls: PAC COMM has been providing seawall construction services for decades. We have successfully installed seawalls for both public and private/commercial applications, including the construction of seawalls under emergency conditions, in remote areas, and abroad.

Pile Driving: With over 60 years of marine construction experience, PAC COMM has provided pile driving services for many different applications. We’re fully adept at designing a workable, long-term solution for your building or deep foundation project, regardless of the materials used in the pile driving project. This includes sheet piles, timber piles, concrete piles, composite piles and steel piles, depending on the job requirements.

Concrete Revetment Mats: PAC COMM designs and installs some of the most advanced concrete revetment mats in the industry. Whether the project involves repair and expansion of existing concrete revetment installations or is a new project that must be custom-designed, we possess the skills and equipment required to get the job done right. Whether your project is along a shoreline, at a cruise/ship terminal or a subaqueous protection of utilities, PAC has the right approach and skill set to swiftly and efficiently get the job done.

Commercial Marine & Waterway Construction Projects

Marine construction projects that include improvement to existing waterfront properties or new building projects are one of our primary specialties. PAC COMM will provide the owner with an estimate for construction, or provide a value engineering estimate in order to provide a product that suits their needs.

Boat Ramps and Boat Ramp Design: regardless of size or materials, we can design and install boat ramps for virtually any type of vessel, including large ocean-going vessels such as military or commercial vessels.

Pier Removal: whether a result of improper installation or maintenance, storm damage, corrosion of materials or erosion of strata, we are pier removal experts dedicated to getting the job done as quickly as possible while minimizing impact on the environment, with an eye toward ultimate restoration where required.

Marina Building: from large public marinas to smaller, private community-oriented projects, PAC COMM has successfully completed marina construction projects that are functional as well as appealing to even the most critical eye.

Jetty Repair: PAC COMM has decades of experience in jetty repair in a variety of challenging environments. We can quickly repair jetties used for berthing at docks, at entrances to harbors, breakwaters, at river mouths or any other type of installation. These repairs can be performed from land or water.

Piers, Docks and Fender Systems: Allow PAC COMM to design and implement your dock or fender system regardless of size or scope of the project. We install fishing piers, shipping and receiving terminals, storage and transfer docks and all other types of docks in both freshwater and marine construction environments. We furnish and install all types of fender systems, including barge guide walls, bridge fenders and mooring fenders.